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At Buck Girl we are creating hunting apparel just for women; from stylish casual tops to durable camo gear, we are celebrating all the girls who love to hunt! All of Buck Girl's clothing is designed for women, by women. Hunting apparel doesn't have to be bulky and unflattering—wear clothes that reflect who you are!

Buck Girl offers comfortable, breathable, and durable clothes that come in fashionable designs. Tailored for real women, Buck Girl clothing will have you feeling good and looking good whether you're hunting or at home. Just like real hunting girls, Buck Girl's apparel comes in all shapes and sizes available for all ages.

Thanks for checking out Buck Girl Apparel—the hottest in women's hunting apparel.


Buck Girl Creed

“I am a Buck Girl Oh Yes I am, you can’t be one cause you’re just a man, Our deer kills may seem like just a few, But there are less of us and more of you, We do not hunt the hours like you, Cause we have better things we have to do, Like cookin' and cleanin' and pleasing our man, and stroking his ego because we can, So think Doe Boys before you brag, There are lots of deer that we can tag, As of right now, you may be ahead, But remember one thing WE control the bed! I am a Buck Girl Oh yes I am!”