Buck Girl Women's Collection of Hunting Apparel (2)

Welcome to Buck Girl!

Buck Girl started in 2005 as a women’s hunting apparel line. But over the last 15 years, we have developed into so much more. We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly apparel line, and with that we’re branching out into more children’s apparel (boys and girls, yay!) and other fun products like shoes and hair bows! We will always be a company owned by women creating apparel for women, but we are seeing a need in the market for outdoor products for the whole family. So stay tuned! And as always, send us the things you want, need, love, and hate because we sincerely appreciate customer feedback and always want to be better and offer more of what YOU want!

Born from competition…..

Set the scene at Mitchell Deer Camp in Cale, AR in 1998. A group of families come together at the ‘main camp’ building to have a potluck style dinner, a smorgasbord of casseroles, desserts, and venison summer sausage. The guys have practically wallpapered the ‘main camp’ building with their years and years of kills. As Rita (the founder of Buck Girl) looks around, she thinks to herself, “Well, this just won’t do.” Rita emptied a section of one of the walls at main camp, created a banner that said The Buck Girls, and posted her first kill at the top. The wall grew year after year as new members joined and as their daughters started learning to hunt. Being the competitively spirited woman she is, Rita couldn’t leave her hunting pride and winning team at deer camp, so she created hats, truck decals, and zip up jackets with BUCK GIRL.

Enough of our fellow sisters across Arkansas started asking, “That’s so cute! Where did you get it?” We printed a small run of shirts, hats, and decals in January of 2005 for a hunting show, and the rest is history. Now, there are Buck Girls all over this land! We are mothers, sisters, wives, and friends. We love the outdoors, we love hunting and fishing, we love our families, and we love our country. If you’ve ever wondered how in the world this got started, now you know, and now you are a part of our family.

We appreciate your continued support, thank you so much.

Rita & Pam

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