Choosing a gift for the hunter (or hunters) in your life can be a doozy! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or you’ve been doing this for so long that you’re just plum out of ideas at this point:

Buck Girl at your service!

We’ve sleuthed through the interwebs to bring you ONE ultimate 2021 hunting gift guide for anyone that hunts! Check out our tip section below for extra guidance or skip to the section that is most relevant to you. Happy gift hunting!

Tips for Choosing Hunting Gifts

Let’s face it, hunting is not simply a hobby – it’s a lifestyle! And with this lifestyle comes all sorts of tools, gadgets, gear, footwear and apparel. It’s no wonder you’re looking for help!

There are a few really important aspects of shopping for your beloved hunter. Here’s a few considerations to get you started:

Consider the Type of Game, Time of Year and Location

The type of hunting really determines what your hunter will need for their trips out to the country. They could be hunting big game in Montana or waterfowl in Louisiana! Season dates and the location of the hunt matter a lot when considering what gear to buy. Be sure to match gear to the correct temperature range and take extra care to make sure your gift is waterproof if it’s for waterfowl hunting.

On Rifles and Bows

Rifles and bows can be difficult to pick out for someone else if you are limited in hunting knowledge! We think shopping for rifles and bows is best done in the store, where the hunter can pick up and feel the equipment, ask questions, go home and think about it some more, ask their friends, pray about it … you get the idea! It’s a process.

Replace Something Worn

If you have the luxury of living with your hunter, you may find it valuable to check their gear for wear and tear – these are great items to replace or even upgrade!

Ask Their Friends

When in doubt – call up a deer friend! If your hunter has a group of buddies that hunt, send them a message asking if there’s anything that they know your hunter needs or wants. They’ll be able to help with questions related to gear sizing, packs and pouches, and can give you their personal recommendations on gifts that will hit the mark!


Has your hunter been talking about the hunting season? Have they been shopping online for a possible splurge? Keep an ear out and an eye open for those little hints they may drop!

Hunting Gift Ideas: Tools + Tech

Like we mentioned earlier, the type of hunting matters! Here are our top gift ideas for hunters based on what they are hunting:

Gifts for Deer and Big Game Hunters

Quiet Pack

Every seasoned hunter knows that deer are easily spooked, even by noisy zippers! It’s important to make sure that your hunter has a lightweight pack that they can fit all their gear in and get to it without scaring off the biggest buck of their hunt.

Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

Our personal favorite is the Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack. It’s a mid-priced pack with a 56.2-liter capacity and carries a rifle, bow or tripod in multiple ways. It’s ultra silent and has adjustable straps and a deluxe padded waist belt with ergonomic tightening adjustment.

Trail Camera

Trail cameras are key to having a successful hunt! When you know where your bucks are and what they’re doing, your chances of bagging one go way up!

The top things we look for in trail cameras are long battery life so that you can monitor your land reliably. We also love a powerful infrared flash mode because it gives us great nighttime photos.

Browning Recon Force Elite HP4 Trail Camera

That’s why we think the Browning Recon Force Elite HP4 Trail Camera is one of the best cameras on the market in 2021. It takes incredible night photos and videos and has an incredible battery life, all for under $200.

Field Dressing Knife
Randy Newburg DTS by Gerber - knife

There are a lot of knives out there with a huge range in prices. We think the Randy Newburg DTS by Gerber gets the job done well every time. At $65, this knife features two blades – a primary blade of mid-grade 440C steel for reliable cutting and the secondary blade or “tendon tool” is made of extremely tough D2 steel. This double blade means that your hunter won’t ruin his main blade cutting through burly tendons and bones!

Gifts for Waterfowl Hunters

Polarized Sunglasses

Having a nice pair of glasses in the field can make a huge difference – especially in those early morning hunts on the water! We recommend BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for their durable metal frames, shatterproof polycarbonate and polarized lenses that offer 100% UV 400 protection. They are affordable, stylish and comfortable to wear all day long!

Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl,
Both Farmed and Wild (Cookbook)

Duck, Duck, Goose_ The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild (Cookbook)

We think this is the perfect cookbook for your waterfowl hunter who is interested in learning more about culinary excellence. This particular cookbook is written by Hank Shaw, an award-winning food writer, hunter, and cook on the forefront of the marsh-to-table revolution. He dives deep into obtaining, cleaning, and cooking these flavorful birds.

Men’s Hunting Gear and Apparel

Crispi Nevada GTX Uninsulated Hunting Boot

Having the right footwear on the hunt can make or break a day-long or multi day trip to the woods. Because of this, we definitely recommend making sure you have a great pair! This year, we are in love with the Crispi Nevada GTX Uninsulated Hunting Boot. These boots are made to last and will get you farther than having to buy two pairs of mid priced boots over time.

Natural Frogg Toggs Grand Refuge 3.0 Bootfoot Chest Waders

A good pair of waders should last many-a-season. That’s why we think the Natural Frogg Toggs Grand Refuge 3.0 Bootfoot Chest Waders are the pair to get! We love all things Natural Gear because their camo blends in so well! They’ve really done their research on patterns, so be sure to check them out!


Finding the right jacket for November and December deer hunting depends on where you live and the temperature. For deer hunting in the South, we love Sitka’s Kelvin Active Jacket.

Sitka’s Kelvin Active Jacket

This piece is silent, breathable, and knows no off-season. It also works as a quiet outer layer in mild conditions or as an insulating mid-layer under a shell when the temps drop.

Ft. Thompson 1_4 Zip Sweater

Winter days gearing up for the hunt are some of our favorite things! For packing up the truck, setting up camp or enjoying a bonfire, we love picking out a comfortable and warm pullover from Ft. Thompson. Check out this 1/4 Zip Sweater!

Women’s Hunting Gear and Apparel

Best Women’s Boots
Lowa’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

If your lady needs a pair of boots as indestructible as she is, we recommend Lowa’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot. Lowa’s are known for their durability, longevity and comfort. Many wearers claim there is no break-in period! These will also keep the water out for creek crossing and rainy hunting.

Best Women’s Hunt Pants
Sitka Women’s Timberline Pant

If you’re wanting to level up your loved one’s hunting pants, you can’t go wrong with the Sitka Women’s Timberline Pant. These pants feature a reinforced waterproof and breathable seat and knees to ensure they will survive your best adventures.

Best Women’s Hunting Jacket
Natural Gear’s Ladies Stealth Hunter Jacket

For whitetail hunting, we love Natural Gear’s Ladies Stealth Hunter Jacket. Built with women in mind, this jacket is cut for optimum comfort and mobility for our female hunters. The shell is wind and weather resistant and fleece lined for maximum comfort. It also has multiple pockets to stash gear and snacks. This Ladies hunting jacket is a perfect mid weight jacket with the versatility to be used in almost any hunting or outdoor activity situation.

Buck Girl Women's Sherpa Pullover

Our Buck Girl Women’s Sherpa Pullover is quite possibly the softest, warmest pullover we’ve ever had and WE LOVE IT!  These run pretty true to size and are perfect for downtime at deer camp!

Kids’ Hunting Gear and Apparel

Toddler’s Duck Boots
Buck Girl Toddler’s Duck Boots

If you have a little one that can’t get enough of the outdoors, our Toddler’s Duck Boots make the perfect gift for your all-terrain tyke. These come in pink, blue and brown and are available in sizes 0-12. 

Best Kids’ Hunting Jacket
Natural Youth Classic Fleece Jacket

The Natural Youth Classic Fleece Jacket will keep your little ones warm and hidden in any weather or hunting terrain. Built of windproof, water-resistant fleece this technical hunting jacket has your back in any conditions. This natural camo fleece coat is high-quality and light on your wallet, making it perfect for growing kids and a great hand-me-down.

Best Kids’ Deer Camp Apparel
Buck Girl Sherpa Fleece Pullover

Our girls’ Sherpa Fleece Pullover is great for our fearless females. These fit great and are incredibly comfortable. If you’re in between sizes, we would recommend going up a size!

Buck Girl Outdoor Rookie Hoodie

And last but not least, we love our Outdoor Rookie Hoodie for the boys! We want to encourage all kiddos to “Grow Outside,” experience nature and all that this wonderful nation has to offer in the outdoors! Get cozy and comfy in this super soft Camo and Charcoal Hooded Sweatshirt, and Grow Outside!

Happy Holidays and Hunting Season from Buck Girl!

We hope you found our ultimate guide to Christmas Gift ideas for hunters helpful! Our family is all about keeping the hunting tradition alive and we strive to make hunting fun for the whole family. Please visit our shop to help support Buck Girl because girls hunt too!

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